May 23, 2024
FIFA Mobile Japan APK v11.0.08

Download FIFA Mobile Japan APK v11.0.08 Latest For Android

Additional Information

App name
FIFA Mobile Japan
Required Android  4.4 and up
APK Size  114 MB
Version v11.0.08
Ratings 4.5
Updated on 11 October 2023
Category Sports
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FIFA Mobile is made based on the Football World Cup if you are a football lover and want to play football games on your Android phone or tablet. This app is for you because there are more than many hundred unique players or characters from all around the world, FIFA Mobile Japan APK is a mobile version of the popular football game, FIFA, developed by EA Sports and Nexon. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and if you want to download the APK File you can get it on our website.

This is the best game football lovers want to play on their Android phones. here almost all the country’s players are added. the official version of this app is only made for Japanese people.

But Now is available for all countries in this game are lots of amazing features. If you want a Real FIFA experience on your Android phone that is for you because This game provides a high standard FIFA Sports experience on your Android phone. Make your dream team and play with your favorite teams all over the world online.

In this game, multiple modes and leagues there are more than 30 leagues 700 clubs, and 19000 players from all over the world. if you are a lover of football games you are in the perfect right place. in this post, I will tell you all about this app and share its information and features.

Kick-Off: Play a quick match with a Computer or your friend.

VS Attack: In attack mod, you can play against other players.

League Matches: You can make your favorite team for league matches and compete with all over the world teams online.

Manager Mode: You have full control of all games you can manage all the team and decisions as a manager.

Events: Here are so many events that come from time to time you can Participate in these events to earn rewards and get new players for your team with these free rewards.

There are lots of features and many options for customization, including the ability to create your own team and league custom kits, crests, and stadiums. you can also earn coins and in-game currency to purchase new players and other things for your team.

FIFA Mobile Japan is one of the best choices for football fans in Japan and all over the world, they offer you a realistic and immersive football experience on mobile devices. It is also a relatively lightweight game, so it can be played on a variety of devices.

Features of FIFA Mobile Japan APK for Android

#1 – Realistic gameplay: 

One of the best features of  FIFA Mobile Japan is its very realistic gameplay that is based on the real-world game of football. includes movement of players’ experience like realistic player movement, ball physics, and stadium atmosphere look like realistic.

#2 – Immersive graphics:

The graphics of this game are very immersive and very high quality. In this game you can experience the players, stadiums, and crowds are all rendered in great detail and very realistic.

#3 – Comprehensive player database:

In this game you can get a very large number of players on the database means there are so many players all over the world over 19,000 players. You have full control of all games you can build your dream team with your favorite players.

#4 – Variety of game modes:

There are so many variety of game modes, including Kick-Off, VS Attack, League Matches, Manager Mode, and Events. all modes give you a variety of ways to play the game and enjoy different aspects of football.

#5 – Deep customization options:

Here you have full deep customization options that allow players to create their custom favorite kits, crests, and stadiums. This allows you to personalize their experience and make their team stand out from the crowd.


Football lovers know that the Football game is one of the most liked and biggest sports in the world all over the world people like to play and watch football some people want to play real in the ground and some play on their Android phones or tablets. Same as you there are millions of active players all around the world who want to play football on their Android phones, so now you can download and play the FIFA mobile Japan app because they give you super amazing and interesting features and also very realistic gameplay.

very immersive graphics, a much larger player database, a variety of game modes, deep and details customization options, and professional features, they all make them one of the best mobile football games for Android.

If you are a fan of football, we highly recommend that you check out FIFA Mobile Japan APK. It is a free game to download and play, so there is no risk in trying it out. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.


Q: What is FIFA Mobile Japan APK?

A: This is an Android version of the popular football game, FIFA, developed by EA Sports and Nexon. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store in Japan and if you want to download it it APK file so it’s available on our website you can download just clicking on the download button and it’s for all countries.

Q: What are the features of FIFA Mobile Japan?

A: The main and biggest features of this game are realistic gameplay, very immersive graphics, a large player database, many game modes, detailed customization options, and several professional features.

Q: What are the different game modes in FIFA Mobile Japan?

A: There are many game modes, including Kick-Off, VS Attack, League Matches, Manager Mode, and Events.

Q: How can I build a strong team?

A: To build a strong team, you need to learn the different player positions and their roles because in football there are 2 main points one player position and 2nd role, Play the game and understand the different game modes and how they work, use the different customization options to create a team that is tailored to your playing style, and practice regularly to improve your skills.

Q: What are some tips for playing FIFA Mobile Japan at a more advanced level?

A: You need to follow the professional FIFA players learn new tips and tricks, and compete in Live Events and Head-to-Head Matches to test your skills against other players.

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